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The Batu Caves lie in a limestone outcrop a short 13km trip north of KL and are one of the city's most popular attractions. The caves were officially discovered 120 years ago by William Hornaday, an American naturalist. Upon arrival, you are immediately greeted with an immense 272-step staircase that leads into the limestone cliffs. To the side is an enormous golden statue of Lord Murugan, the Hindu god of war. Even more mesmerizing are the macaque monkeys who scale the vertical cliff walls and sit on the steps to watch you. To the sides of the staircase are entrances to other caverns, the Dark Caves which consists of five chambers that are home to three types of bats and numerous insects, and the SumramaniamSwamy Temple whose walls are lined with idols representing the six lives of Lord Sumramaniam. There are also some interesting limestone formations, including flowstones, which are so named because they have a continuous sheet of water running down them.

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