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Sipidan is infamous among the hardcore scuba diving community. The late marine biologist Jacques Cousteau declared it "an untouched piece of art." A diver's paradise, the waters are chock full of marine life such as turtles, moray eels, sharks, barracuda, bright tropical fish, and a variety of coral. The coral diversity has been compared to Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Another highlight of the island is its network of marine caves. Of these, Turtle Cavern is the strangest littered with skeletons of turtles that wandered in and never escaped. White-tip Avenue and Barracuda Point are great areas to spot white-tip sharks and barracudas, respectively. The Hanging Gardens are especially elegant, with soft coral hanging from reef ledges. Even if you don't go beneath the water's surface, it is possible to see reef sharks, lionfish, barracuda, and a multitude of turtles just by snorkeling. Jack fish, parrotfish, and the very rare Napoleon wrasse are viewable at Drop-off point. Unfortunately, the area is seriously threatened due to an accident in 2006 in which a dredger ripped a up lot of the coral reef.

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